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RDMAmojo is a blog that I, Dotan Barak, started to maintain to give technical information about the RDMA technology. The RDMA technology is around us for several years now, but there isn't any source of knowledge for this technology (any blog or any book that cover it).

In this blog I will show how to use and write code for this technology.

However, I won't offer any support for any issue that one may have.

I need your help to make it happen. You can help by commenting on the articles and referring others to this site. Please write to me with suggestions for other topics. Thanks!

In the future, when there will be enough information in this blog, I plan to write a technical book that will cover the information that was mentioned in the blog.

About Me

My name is Dotan Barak.

I’ve been working in networking and storage companies for more than 10 years. Most of my professional career I worked (and still working) at Mellanox Technologies. If you want to read more about my professional history, you are welcome to read my Linkedin profile.

English isn't my native language and as much as I want, my English isn't perfect. I will try to write in proper English, but if I'll fail - please forgive me; comments are welcome.


I work at Mellanox Technologies, a company which has a big role in developing and pushing RDMA technologies. However, no one pays me to write for I will write about the technology and won't promote or mention any specific product.


Due to comment spam and the sometimes personal nature of comments, all comments are moderated. I reserve the right to remove comments to prevent spamming the blog.


No one pays me for maintaining this blog or the expenses that caused by it. I added a "Donate" option to RDMAmojo, for more information, please enter the "Donate" page and feel generous :).

In the future, maybe premium services and products will be offered.

Terms of use

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Users may not copy, modify or publish any of the content provided on the website unless a permission is granted. However, you can direct to this website from your website.

If this website displays information which you think that violates your Copywrite or harm you in any way, please contact me and I'll remove it immediately.

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