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  • OpenFabrics - An alliance for developing and contributing to the RDMA technology
  • InfiniBand trade association – An organization for maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification
  • RDMA consortium – An open Consortium Developing Specifications for Remote Direct Memory Access Over TCP/IP Networks
  • DAT Collaborative – An industry group that was created to define and submit for standardization a set of transport-independent, platform-independent Application Programming interfaces that exploit the RDMA capabilities of next-generation interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand, and iWARP


Development repositories

  • Linux kernel – The Linux kernel git
  • libibverbs – A library for direct userspace access to InfiniBand hardware
  • libmlx4 – libibverbs low-level driver for Mellanox ConnectX HCAs
  • librdmacm – Userspace RDMA Connection Manager
  • OpenSM –¬†InfiniBand subnet manager and administration
  • libibumad – IB user MAD interface library
  • python-rdma – A python interface to the Linux RDMA stack

Mailing lists

  • linux-rdma – mailing list for Linux RDMA and InfiniBand development
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