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First post

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Hi all.

This is the first post in the blog RDMAmojo.

This blog will provide information on the RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) technology. In the blog, I will cover many areas including:

  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Error diagnostics
  • Tips

However, in this blog, I won't provide any support to any problem in use of the technology or in verbs programming (sorry).

Comments and feedback are always welcome.


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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Sam says: August 18, 2012

    When I read the caption: "Hello wolrd" I though you will present an example of sending "Hello world" message via RDMA :)... I hope you will provide us with informative examples and hope a great success for you in this blog

    • Dotan Barak says: August 19, 2012

      Hi Sam.

      I'm very sorry to disappoint you...
      I renamed this post to "First post", to prevent future confusion.

      I plan to post several "hello world" examples in the future,
      as soon as I'll cover more relevant verbs.

      I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that you find it useful and informative.


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